Purchasing Real Estate and its transactions in Turkey


Goldcity Real Estate offers you real estate in every price range. Since all the bureaucratic procedures of a real estate will be done by us, the process will be simplified and the price will be more affordable.

Real estate purchase is not a difficult process. It has even been made easier than in many European countries. People who are Turkish citizens can get the title deed with their identity card and photo within an average of 2 working days. Documents Required For Deeds. You can make an online appointment at Antalya Land Registry and Cadastre Directorate without waiting in line, and you can inquire about your title deed fee here.


Foreigners or persons who have renounced Turkish citizenship can purchase real estate such as buildings and land on their own names, as long as they are not near military land in Turkey. At the time of sale, they can still transfer their money abroad. Deeds are given to the buyer in Turkish.

Real estate transactions made by a notary public with the promise of "Preliminary Sales Contract" are not legally binding. With the last decision of the Supreme Court of Appeals, "The only place where title deeds can be obtained is the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre". No other institution, official institution, notary or person can issue title deed. After this decision, most notaries do not make a promise of sale contract. However, some notary publics, who see the promise of sale as a source of income, make this contract due to the fact that the legal regulation has not yet been made. As Goldcity Real Estate, our advice is to buy title deed instead of "Preliminary Sales Contract".


Step-by-step real estate purchase for non-Turkish citizens

The buyer and seller parties sign a contract prepared by Goldcity Real Estate. This contract includes the agreed sale price of the real estate, the payment dates, the delivery date, the rights of both parties and the special conditions agreed.

When you decide to buy real estate, the first step you will take will be to open an account in a bank in Turkey. As Goldcity Real Estate, we would be happy to assist you in this regard. After this step, the buyer gives a power of attorney to Goldcity Real Estate personnel to perform the following actions.

  • Application to the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre to purchase title deed on behalf of the person giving the power of attorney.
  • Obtaining the necessary documents and maps for the consent letter of the Aegean Army Command (For foreigners and those who have left Turkish citizenship. This process takes approximately 2 months. All formalities are followed free of charge by Goldcity Real Estate.)
  • If you don't have it, you can take the ISKAN of the flat or house.
  • To purchase electricity, water and telephone subscriptions
  • Making a municipal declaration and paying taxes
  • Deed transfer on behalf of the person giving the power of attorney upon the receipt of the Aegean Army Command's consent report

It is under the guarantee of Goldcity Real Estate to finalize all transactions within 3 months at the latest after the buyer gives the power of attorney. Goldcity Real Estate makes the title deed follow up not to the intermediary, but to the personnel who do the "deed follow-up".

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